My Current Home Screen Set Up

Here’s my current home screen set up as of today. I’m always trying to perfect it to make it so that I am more productive. There actually seems to be a correlation between how I organize my home screen and what apps I use to be productive.

At the top I have four blank spaces using David Smith’s black website icon idea. Check it out here. Any app I had on the top row rarely got used. Almost no matter what it was. So leaving them blank has been a huge help.

I use a black background because any other background is distracting. There are a few I like including these minimal dark wallpapers from the Cortex podcast:

One of my favorite wallpapers.

You can grab that here. But I like black because it really makes the app icons pop more.

The apps on the top row are the apps that I don’t need to access quickly. For mail I use Newton. It’s super minimal and super powerful. I love it. I also love the icon. I’m a sucker for a good icon.

I use Dropbox for all my file transfers. I have been paying for the 1TB for a long time and it’s been a life saver. It’s one of those services that I can’t drop. I have so much info up there.

New City Catechism app is next and then weather. Good apps, I use them every now and then, but I don’t jump in them that much.

Evernote. It still needs to get better, but I have tons of info in it. I recently got rid of almost all my notebooks and am using tags instead. This has made Evernote ten times better. Microsoft To Do. I can’t believe I actually like a Microsoft app, but I love To Do. It’s super minimal, but super beautiful. It’s slowly becoming my favorite app for to dos.

Reporter is a great app, but I’m not exactly finding that it’s giving me huge insights. I’m going to tweak my questions and try and keep it. It’s another beautiful app.

Timepage is beautiful. It’s the most calendar app by far. I love it. I can’t recommend it enough.

My last two rows I’m pretty content with. I may move Lightroom Mobile, but I love the HDR mode. It takes some of the best photos by far of any app.

My dock is pretty good, but I may do a tweak and move a few apps to my bottom row. I just feel like system apps should always be on the bottom row. I don’t know why exactly. I just do.

I like my set up, but I may start tweaking the layout a little bit. I may move a few more apps to the 1st home screen that could use some more play. I’m constantly moving around apps to make myself more productive. I have a hard time removing apps too. I’m an app hoarder for sure.

Once I change up my home screen I’ll make another post here. Thanks for reading. If you have any app suggestions for anything, let me know!

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