Searching For A Lightroom Replacement, Community Movie

I don’t have anything against Lightroom. It works fairly well. It’s just ugly and boring. It’s like almost every Microsoft application: super functional, tons of options, but insanely ugly.

But it works.

I’ve been searching for a replacement for a little while and have yet to find a true replacement. Picktorial might be quite close, but I’ve edited a few photos in it and I believe that it adds a bit more noise than Lightroom. It may be the way that it handles certain RAW files. Here’s a quick example:

Picktorial on the left, Lightroom on the right.

The photo on the left is the Picktorial image and the one on the right is Lightroom. I had added some yellow to the photo on the left, but took it out to see if it would reduce the noise. It didn’t. So right now, Picktorial doesn’t look like it can compete with Lightroom completely. It does have a few good options that I like. But the photo from Lightroom just looks crisper.

We will see. I’m sticking with Lightroom for now.

Community Movie

I’m obsessed with Community. It had a good run. It was never the same since Troy left, but it was still super funny. It ended very well too.

But they always had a hashtag: #sixseasonsandamovie. It was a reference to when Abed was obsessed with The Cape and Jeff said it was going to get cancelled and Abed yelled out, “Six seasons and a movie!” They adopted it for Community.

Recently Alison Brie did an episode of Dr. Ken with Dan Harmon and a few others from Community. She said she tried to quiz Dan about it but he said that all the actors have crazy schedules. He’s right. They do. Danny Pudi is doing Ducktales, Donald Glover is the new Lando!

But he’s said that he always wanted to do the movie. Not to mention that the end of the show ended with the hashtag: #andamovie.

I’d like to think that Dan Harmon has an idea already in his head about the movie. It doesn’t need to be in theatres. It could go straight to Netflix.

I really hope it gets made. I would die to see some Troy and Abed in the Morning!