The two apps that made me drop VSCO on my iPhone.

VSCO needs to make some changes.

RNI Films and Filmborn have surpassed VSCO for me lately. I don’t remember the last time that I used VSCO for editing photos. I’ve always gone to these two apps time after time.

VSCO is a great app and I even signed up for VSCO X when it was released. But with a clunky interface design it’s become annoying to use.

I mean, what is that circle in the bottom left? What could that possibly mean? If you haven’t used VSCO before do you have any idea what that is? Probably not. It’s their news feed of other photos. How does that icon represent that at all?

I also think I’m done with importing my pictures in to their app and then editing the photo. Why can’t I just choose a photo edit it and then export? Why does that photo now have to live in your app?

This is what I love about both RNI Films and Filmborn. They are merely tools to help you edit. They aren’t a replacement for your library. Take a look at the opening screen from RNI Films:

That’s what every photo editing apps should start out with. They should start with a screen asking you to load a photo to edit. In RNI Films I load a photo, edit it, and export it. It’s that simple. It’s a joy to use. Also, all of their presets are based on actual film. VSCO is starting to do this now too.

RNI uses real film for their presets. It’s much easier to remember and if you are familiar with film, it’s much easier to find a desired look without having to tap on each preset. I know what Kodak Ektar 100 usually looks like because I still shoot on film occasionally (I’m a hipster). Again, VSCO is doing this, but the majority of their presets are A1, B3, and so on.

Filmborn only has 9 presets. Again, these are all based on actual film.

I love the simplicty of Filmborn’s selection. You can tap and hold on the presets and it will give you a ton of information about the film, what it looks like, and even where to buy it!

In my opinion these two apps have surpassed VSCO because they are more focused. VSCO was the king for hipster, filmy, presets, but they are being passed. RNI and Filmborn also offer Lightroom presets, so their history is similar to VSCO.

VSCO still offers beautiful presets, but they need to simplify their app. They’ve already shut down their sync service. They need to take away the entire studio feature and just have people edit a photo and export. Their camera app is still good, but doesn’t offer anything truly unique like Filmborn which has a rangefinder mode, live presets, and save slots for settings you like.

So for now, I’ll continue using RNI and Filmborn for most of my simple editing. I hope VSCO makes some minor changes to their app to make it more laser focused, but for now it remains too clunky and slow.

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