The Virtual Assistant Debate Is Pointless, Things 3 Finally Came Out

I’m an Apple fanboy. But I’m also a technology optimist. I love any new piece of technology that comes out. Google makes something better than Apple? Excellent! That will push Apple to be better and vise versa.

With the release of Google Assistant on iOS people started debating which one is better. Is Siri better than Google or is Google Assistant better than Siri?

It doesn’t matter. Not right now.

Go talk to your family and spend time watching people in the world. They aren’t using virtual assistants a ton. They are both so good that it doesn’t matter if one responds half a second faster than the other.

But people in general aren’t dying to use virtual assistants. It’s sort of like VR. We know we want it, we sort of have good versions of it, but no one is really clamoring to get it.

Virtual assistants have much more immediate applicability over VR, but people mainly use assistants for setting timers, reminders, and asking stupid questions. Nobody is ordering food or buying plane tickets through a virtual assistant. Would you rather find a restaurant by asking Siri or Google Assistant or looking in Yelp? Yelp is much better at doing that.

So right now, the assistant debate is pointless because they are all relatively close in features and people mainly use it for checking weather and setting timers.

Use the one you like and don’t worry about the other one. The one thing I like better about Google is that you can interact using a keyboard. I hope Apple adds the ability to talk to Siri using a keyboard. That would be nice.

Things 3 Finally Came Out!

I love the new design.

I was a huge fan of Things. But after a while other apps just got better. Omnifocus is a powerhouse, 2Do got a huge update to make it even better, Todoist constantly get’s updated with whatever new comes out. But there was something about Things that I loved.

It was just so simple. It was so minimal. It just fit the way that I thought about things. But when it went so long without a major update, I started to lose interest. I kept hearing about the big 3 update, but it never came. Well, it’s finally out and I’m obsessed so far. But it’s still early.

One thing I really like is subheadings in projects. I use projects sort of like lists and I love being able to sort of lists within lists. The new UI is excellent as well. I’m sort of obsessed right now. The wait was worth it. It was long for sure and hopefully they don’t take this long for huge updates, but if they keep putting out great updates than it might be ok.

I’m going to use it for a while and let you know how I like it. Take a look at their intro video. It’s really great.

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