Calais: think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in…
Paul Hutchings

This type of reflection is sorely needed across Europe. I think these honest and humble accounts of what is working, what isn’t paints a clearer picture amidst a world of confusion and misunderstanding.

There is so much value in the approach you mentioned: “suspending judgement, understanding bias, listening to a wide range of opinions, being curious and sceptical, identifying solutions and, above all, understanding that there is no certainty, only more questions.”

My hope is that others will read this and will better understand the situation in Calais. The community of refuge providers would benefit greatly from stepping back from the small details to explore the big picture as you have done. Thank you for providing a wonderful example of this type of reflection.

We’re working to develop a model at Prosper for others to do the same…