Finally Made Time to Make Time

Ever since I accepted this new job, it seems as though my life has been on overdrive. I haven’t been able to do anything other than work, school, eat, and hang out with my beautiful wife (not complaining about that). Fortunately though, I was finally able to make some time to make some more time.

I persuaded my wife to go fishing with me — even though she hates the outdoors like that. All I caught were dinks, but man was it fun. Here is a picture of me an the biggest bass of the day that I caught on a white midge. I’m using a 3 weight Allen Fly Fishing rod and a Cabelas reel + line combo; nothing fancy at all.

There is something captivating about nature for me. It allows me to forget about reality and time. My mind is constantly thinking of new items and how to be “more successful”. It is quite stressful, and I am always struggling with acne it seems. So being able to not think so much is favorable at times.

What is more exciting is that I am going to Tippy Dam to do some fishing and camping; I am stoked. Maybe I can make some time to make some more time there as well.

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