Why I do not get the protests about the Electoral College

Mr. Taeki,

Let me introduce myself first, I am a former Marine, a programmer, a biker, a die hard Trekie (I own all the Next Generation Star Trek Hamilton Collection plates), a Trump supporter and support gay rights, but I am confused as to why public figures such as you are so mad about the election and Donald Trump. I know he was not P.C., but he never said anything about LGBT (not sure what acronym to utilize) at all. He has even said recently he would not go against what the Supreme Court said regarding gay marriage (which I have been to two weddings).

Here is why I am also confused, he is being called sexist, do you know how many times when guys are alone we say stupid she we do not mean? That we say because we are drunk or being stupid only to regret later? Do you realize he is not racist also? He wants to deport people who do not come here legally? My family came to this country from Puerto Rico (which I do know they were already citizens) and through Ellis Island legally. I worked for someone who was an awesome boss who had a multi-million dollar company and fought for 10 years to become legal. Illegals are eligible in some states to get free health care and even welfare, when I was homeless and I am a natural born citizen could not get. How is that far?

Let’s get to the point of my post….

So people are mad because Hillary has the popular vote and I get that, but do you know why the founding fathers created it? They did so a select few states couldn’t decide an election. Which makes since, because if you think about it; if NY, TX and CA all voted the same that could control an election and how would that would be fair? That’s why they created the electoral college and why we vote as a state for a rep to vote for us.

The united states has 320+ million people based on 2014 census and California, Texas, Florida and New York have almost 1/3 of the US population according to that census, so lets say they all voted for 1 person in a 2 party system, that means 47 other states would have to vote at 2/3 (this is crappy math) to elect the other person. This is not how the system should work. This is why we have our system.

As an end note I am not condemning the protests, concerns or anything like that about anyone who is upset, but this needs to be explained in a simplified manner.

P.S. My grammar sucks.