Eh up. How are things?

Been away from Medium for a while. Been writing poetry on Instagram. A journal even picked some of it up. Whatever floats your boat, right?

I return to the behemothic M to find hearts have been replaced by hands. Recommends are no more. Applause rules. I like the idea that you can show your appreciation for a piece with more than just a single “like”.

(I do wonder, though, if a single “clap” will now become the ultimate insult.)

Anyway, I continue to garner 10–20 new followers per day for no apparent reason, all of whom read none of my posts and offer up zero engagement. This frustrates me. I feel like I am passively buying my followers somehow. By remaining on Medium, I am perpetuating their strange, algorithmic, meaningless, hyperconnected network of joined up “people” (I use that term with reservation).

If you’re reading this, hello to you. I doff my hat to you. I offer a handshake and a hug (depending on your preference). Say hello and I might just stick around a bit longer. Would be nice to know this place hasn’t turned into an unstoppable, automated social media experiment just yet.

And in case you missed the links from above:

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