Far-fetched waves

This may be a journal entry

J M Jackson
Nov 28, 2018 · 1 min read

Next week will be riotous, I said. I can feel the claws of anxiety tickling the back of my neck, I thought. Oh it will be fine, I told myself, not really listening.

Occasionally my sanity takes leave. It doesn’t ask for permission. I only notice it when it’s gone. It always comes skulking back after a day or two, though.

What if it didn’t?

Next week will be fun, I tell myself.

Still not listening.

Far-fetched waves. I came across this phrase. Waves that have travelled a long distance to finally crash against the shore and dissipate. A bit like life.

Be as far-fetched as possible.

Stay away from the shore.

J M Jackson

Written by

Husband and father who writes about the human condition while trying not to come across too Kafkaesque at parties. He doesn't actually go to any parties.

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