Lightweight data visualization for low-budget publications

The audit

  • Sales
  • Advertiser Analytics (DFP)
  • Web Traffic Analytics
  • Social Traffic and Metrics
  • Ticketing & Events
  • Subscribers (paying members)
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Videos (YouTube and Facebook)
Photo by Gerd Altmann.

Procure, standardize, and sanitize

New query in DFP
In DFP you can set up queries to be ran automatically on a schedule and send you the results.

Meet Data Studio

Hellooooo Data Studio.

Data sources

Upload your data source.
Editing the data fields.


The Data Studio toolbar.
Instant data visualization.
Same graph — new look.

Filters and controls

The Date Range and Filter controls are on the far-right of the toolbar.
The Filter Control is on the far-right side of the toolbar.
Our rudimentary dashboard now has a graph, date picker, and filters.
The Expandable checkbox is great for Filter Controls with lots of rows.

Tip of the iceberg

Three data sources and a full-fledged reporting dashboard for the Sales team.




I build web things.

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Jordan Little

Jordan Little

I build web things.

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