A Brief Moment of Peace

I just pulled in to the driveway. A song began playing on my phone that I had not heard of before—Peace Song by Kye Kye. I have just been sitting here, song on repeat, for what has seemed like forever. In this brief moment, I am at peace. I cannot help but smile at the wonders and creations around me. Everything in my mind is at rest; there are no worries. Somehow, I know that, despite all that is going on, everything will be okay.

I know this feeling will be short–lived and will soon pass. But how do I find this peace and hold on to it? Perhaps, it could be just sitting back and appreciating just how lucky we are to be alive; taking in the beauty and complexity of this Earth; watching the way the leaves dance to the rhythm of the wind blowing; not seeing everything in this world as noise, but looking at it all and realizing that every single thing has a purpose; thinking of the trees not as things, but beings — living, breathing beings; being in awe of this life and this world. That must be what it is. So I will do just that.

In front of me is a tree. Before it was a tree, it was just a small seed. In all of the millions of years that this Earth has lived, somewhere along the way, a series of very specific events occurred in exactly the right way that resulted in a seed falling in this precise spot. That seed, without thought, began to burrow itself into the ground and expand. It was not told to do that. It just knew, “This is my purpose. This is what I am meant to do.”

And for years, that seed defied all conditions and enemies that tried to tear it down. Many others like it were not able to withstand the test of time, but this seed did. And it grew and it grew. And the more it grew, the stronger it became. And it did not grow just once, but hundreds of times; as within each passing, it would give birth to a new branch to extend itself outward. Within the branches, more branches were formed, and more within those. And within those branches, the leaves were given birth. They would come and breathe in the sun’s energy so that the tree may continue to live. And because it continued to live, the tree never stopped growing, and it will never stop growing for as long as it draws breath; it will continue to bring forth new branches and sprout leaves throughout its existence. What’s more—in the many years that have past and the many years that will come—as it continues in its everlasting emergence, the tree touches everything in its reach; the birds, the butterflies, and all of nature around it. Just as the Earth breathed life into this tree, the tree also breathes life back into the Earth. This entire complex being, from nothing but a tiny seed, found its way to this exact spot to grow into this extraordinary breath of life. It almost seems as if the tree is not just one being, but many beings, each depending on one another and working in harmony.

And when the winter draws near, the tree knows that the days will grow dreary and its leaves will all soon wither away. But even as the leaves begin to fade, they do not cry out to the tree, “Help! Save Me!”, nor does the tree and its branches tremble in agony over the leaves they have lost. Why is that? The tree does not know what its future may hold or if its situation will grow any better or worse. Yet even still, it does not worry. It knows that, just as the many winters that have come before, this season is only temporary. It will soon pass. And when the sun begins to shine again, the tree’s leaves will grow back once more, they will once again dance in the wind, and all will be okay. It has found peace within itself and the world around it.