How One Small Shift in Focus Can Improve Your Everyday Health
Tony Robbins

Fitness is what let to every other positive change in my life. I’ve been working out consistantly for about two years now, and I can confidently say making that decision (and sticking to it) was absolutely a huge transitional point in my life.

It’s funny. The simple act of picking heavy things up and putting them down again has given me more discipline, more drive, more motivation, and a greater willingness to do than probably any other thing I’ve ever done. It’s incredible to me how much of an impact it’s had on not only my physical health, but on my mental health as well.

Remember, the body and the mind are one. To take care of one without taking care of the other is self-sabotaging and counter productive. It doesn’t matter if you lift, run, swim, or walk. Exercise is a key component to success, and bar none one of the absolute best facilitators for excelling at any other aspect in your life.

Thank you for the post Tony Robbins