The Life-Changing Habit of Starting Your Day With Clarity And Purpose
Thomas Oppong

I resonate with this deeply Thomas.

It’s interesting, really. I find that we tend to look at those that are successful and think of them as paragons of steel plated will power and discipline.

But that’s hardly the case.

The difference is, those that are successful realize the power in doing a little bit to achieve their goals each and every day. They realize that life is a compounding effect, the sum total of your choices. They know that a slight ripple deep out at sea can become a tsunami by the time it reaches the shoreline.

Simply creating a to do list for each and every day has made a monumental difference in my ability to do. The simple act of tracking what I want to accomplish and being able to practice deliberately those tasks, little by little, day after day, is what will make all the difference.

As always, thank you for sharing.

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