New Year resolutions of a Developer — 2018

I’ve written two articles on New Year resolutions of year 2016 and 2017. This is my third article in the series.

A rising sun always gives you hope.

Review of 2017 goals :

  1. Side Projects [Failure] — As a developer in a startup, it was difficult for me to work on my personal projects and creating something new every month.
  2. Ted Talks[Success] — Learnt amazing things.
  3. Stick to To Do list [Success] — Really helpful.
  4. Review Expenses [Success] — Really helpful. You review, you control expenditure, you get the habit, now you save more.
  5. Sleep early & Wake up early [Success] — Golden advice.
  6. Reading [Failure] — 6/16, disappointed. :(

I am happy I am able to accomplish 4/6.

Where I went wrong — Creating todo list daily with no long term goals.

Extra Accomplishments —

  1. Learnt to solve Rubik’s cube.
  2. Learnt to play with Slinky.
  3. Moved to new city.

This year, I’ll continue with the old ones with slight modifications in

Side Projects — I’ll pick a side project and finish it every 2nd month instead of every month.
Nested To Do List — I’ll create todo lists having daily, weekly & monthly targets Such that, daily todo list contributes to weekly todo list and weekly todo list contributes monthly todo list.

New New Year resolutions :-

  1. A Musical Instrument — I’ll learn to play a musical instrument and target is to play this epic theme [ Game of Thrones theme song ].
  2. TV Shows — I’ll watch each and every TV show which I aspire since last 5 years.
  3. Write — I’ll write more & more. Each and every interesting thing which I learn, I’ll share.
  4. Nap — I’ll take a nap in each Sunday’s afternoon. Fresh mind twice in a day. ;)
  5. Travel — Already have the list. Plan to travel 12 destinations this year.
  6. Observe — I’ll not only look. I’ll learn to observe.
Source —
Because “lookingtells you, “observingprepares you.

These were my personal goals I want to accomplish this year.

Writing them and tracking each year’s progress makes me quite disciplined in life.

Not to say :-


Thanks for reading :)