When I was 10 years old I guess

We recently moved and unpacking all the cardboard boxes one morning and I found these albums, quite a few of them. I started to glance at first but slowly I could recollect memories years ago. Our old house, the one I grew up at, the paintings and furnitures, our vacations and I tried to remember every instance and moment in those pictures. Well, who does even use albums now?

One thing I noticed, how young my parents looked. I failed to notice them all these years where I was busy seeing myself grow up. Until now I could not believe the fact that they are ageing. My father does not own a dime of the laziness I carry, my mother never fails to surprise me every day with her cooking. They never express how tired they are, never.

If you’ve failed to notice the same, it’s time you lend a hand and tell them it’s your turn now because we owe them that much. We could debate all day about living for ourselves, our dream to travel the world and what not but we need to go home one fine day don’t we?

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