warm sunday mornings.


did you have a “lovey” as a child? do you still have one?

I did. The affectionately named ‘Blankie’ was an icon in my family. And if you could peg who your best friend would be based on time spent with ‘lovey’, I would have an unusually close bond with Linus of Peanuts fame.

The first incarnation of ‘Blankie’ was blue and white, covered in bears holding balloons. I treasured it for almost two years. Then little bro arrived and I moved on.

The idea was that ‘Blankie’ would be handed down through the ranks. But my brother got selfish and kept it.

That particular ‘lovey’ stars in perhaps the best known childhood photo of my siblings and I. This at a time when 3 entire humans could sprawl and be completely engulfed in it’s 6 square feet.

I love that photo.

The blanket I still have was the 2nd replacement for ‘Blankie’. Overuse was not kind to ‘Blankie II’.

I still remember the day of the 2nd replacement. The Bed, Bath, and Beyond that sold my parents that blanket couldn’t have fathomed the lifespan of that purchase. The employee who gave it to me is likely gearing up for a 50th birthday.

From what I recall, I hated the idea of a new blanket. But was happily convinced when I saw and felt what would become my comfort.

Mint green. and softer than a summer’s morn.

Though that blanket was used far longer than I would like to admit, it was important to me. It’s afforded me substantial nap hours through the years.

It’s in a box under the bed now. Too tattered to donate, too precious to toss.

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