do you like or have any facial hair?

It took 23 prompts, but we finally got to one of the great ones.

Do I like facial hair? Probably to an unreasonable degree. Do I have it? I’m no ‘Jumbo Joe’, but I have as much as my baby-faced follicles will allow.

It was about 3 and a half years ago. It was summer. and I was a brand new university graduate. So I packed a bag and hit the road.

When you travel with only what will fit on your back without breaking it, trimming excess weight is essential practice. In order to do so, I eliminated every extra piece I could. This included razors.

Thus began the road to the longest and most devastatingly patchy beard growing experience on record. I returned after my 6 and half week hiatus with enough hair to shape into a goatee. and I was damn proud of having one.

That goatee was donned from August, straight thru Hallowe’en. It probably would have survived a fair bit longer if not for two quite unrelated occurrences.

The first, and most important was a month known round the world as Movember. Sure I got beaked for cheating, but a little moustache seed had been planted in the back of my brain and I had to give it a real shot to see if I enjoyed having one. So I undressed my chin and got set to mo’ in solidarity with the ever changing face of men’s health.

Aside: Cancer is a pretty damn ruthless thing. and I hate it.

The second, and unbelievably less important event; Hallowe’en costume planning. It was literally hollow’s day and I had been scraping the bottom of the costume bins for a week. But then a repeat idea hit me. So I went with a friend’s cousin as Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel.

and not present day Paul Simon. This; greatest hits album cover — Paul:

photo courtesy of: amazon.com

We bore a striking resemblance to the duo and the moustache cemented itself as a permanent fixture on my face.

It disappeared for a brief stint, but we all remember how terrible the ‘naked lip incident of late 2013’ was.

and so the story goes, my moustache has remained subtle and stern. I’m proud of having one. It’s not going to win any growth championships. But it’s mine and I think that’s cool.

That’s how I got my moustache.