do you have a favourite spot to go out for dinner or coffee? what makes the spot so great?

A city stop is a sensory experience.

The look, the feel, the music, the smell, and the taste.

This place has a little red door. This little red door houses a circular window. This circular window is a portal into my refuge for study, laughs, relaxation, and all of the above.

It’s unassuming, it’s humble. Industrial isn’t the describer you want to use, but it still suits the joint. It’s small, in the best way possible. and it’s friendly.

Even before I doused my veins in unattainable doses of caffeine, this place was friendly. If I take nothing else from all my time and money spent there, it’s the camaraderie and trust. and to me that’s money and (more importantly) time well spent.

Tunes play a substantial role in my loving/loathing perspective on a place. Upon each entrance, it’s clear I will enjoy my time here. The selection is always new, and usually a reminder of some seriously underrated artist we’ve all apparently forgotten about.

I love when a place can do that for you.

This place is calming. Coffee beans sit stacked at the foot of the roaster. Readying themselves to go green to brown. The aroma is second to none. and the science is equally fascinating. What I have always found so enthralling about coffee in general is the process. I’m no expert brewer. Just your everyday layperson longing to get better at the craft. But the steps involved in a perfect cup of coffee baffle me. The student in me salivates; for more than a few reasons.

This place is also great because it teaches you. I have eyed the roaster with intent, been guided through it’s process, and forged bonds with pals on its hearth. Each day, I hope for the opportunity to build another skill, and its possible inside these walls.

Taste is taste ‘round these parts. And the taste here is second to none. That’s all I have to say about that.

A city stop is a sensory experience.