do you recycle? if so, what do you recycle? if not, why not?

In a twist of fate, the City of Calgary wandered into our shop yesterday to proclaim the newest bylaw amendments with respect to the three r’s.

I have always thought that there might be a not-so-cheesy way of using the reduce, reuse, recycle concept in a song. Writing ideas have started to probe lately.

Of course I recycle. I think it’s silly that the world still struggles to grasp the idea. and the nature of the problem caused by not doing it.

Recycling stretches far beyond the green bins for corrugated cardboard in alleyways across the country. Sure I recycle bottles and containers. Sometimes they afford me the chance to pay it forward and bestow my deposits on a person in need of them. Sometimes I buy coffee that feels free!

It also feels good to sort out recycling and prepare it for pickup. It may be a simple task, and it may sometimes feel daunting, but for the world, it’s got to be worth it.

Buying new is something I will avoid if and when I can. In turn, outfitting a home with vintage pieces is a type of recycling. Donating pieces so that others can reclaim their beauty and joy is recycling. Even if those items are emblems of practicality more so than beauty.

So recycling is important when you can do it. Quit actin’ a fool.

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