do you use coupons?

Without a doubt.

A deal is a deal is a deal is a deal. Saving a dollar here or there is severely underrated if you ask me. Stock up on all your opportunities to save and you may just have the chance to explore a continent, or stun a crowd of music aficionados. Each of those opportunities affords the chance to enjoy vivid and exciting experiences.

I once was told about the number of unused gift certificates in the United States. The dollar amount was a larger number than I could fathom. and the same must be true for discounts, giveaways and deals that go unused everyday. The grocery store will forever give away cents off gas coupons that I have only recently realized, are a smart thing to use.

I guess money isn’t really the point, but I mean, why waste a pretty penny.

When I think of coupons, I’m reminded of my grandmother, scouring the daily newsprint delivery for grocery store blowouts. Scissors in hand. I’m reminded of how great the depression her family dealt with was. The 30s built the fascination with coupons — that’s what it feels like.

Well get me some scissors grandma, because five bucks a week quickly turns into $260 throughout the year.

That’ll buy you some swag. Absolutely.

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