full circle.

what do you believe happens after we die?

The world hopefully turns.

Obviously this question yearns for a personal, introspective, selfish answer. Most of my life, I have heavily pondered the foregone conclusion of my own demise. It’s a tough thing to analyze, or want to try to analyze. But it’s something we all eventually face.

Many say “a better place”. Be it heaven or otherwise, I think the idea that where we are headed is better than where we are is overdone. This is particularly true when we face unfortunate and difficult circumstances.

Now eliminate the implied morbidity of that statement. I would like to think it’s more about beaming, unwavering, constant positivism. Why can’t here be the better place? Our end is not scheduled and could approach from any angle, so our aim should be to make today the best day, our home the best home, our time the best used.

and not in a carpe diem bullshit sort of way.

Just an honest effort to be thankful (at all times) that we were placed on this earth and have the opportunity to change things.

This prompt series did not teach me the phrase ‘life is too short to not be prolific’ but it’s certainly revealing more and more about how to put the phrase into practice.

I’ll end with an official, and sincere, apology for the cheesiness.

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