if you could change one personality trait about yourself, would you? which one?

Your standard, tired, worn out, cliche answer to queries of this nature will forever be “I wouldn’t change a thing. I love myself.” and don’t get me wrong, I am very much in love with all that makes me Kevsie.

But we are all hindered by flaws. No matter what we might think.

If I was given a chance to change, and I guess the assumption is fix, a character trait, I think I would ask for a simpler working mind.

Just in the sense that, from time to time, I overthink and therefore I overreact to situations that do not require responses on such short fuses.

Short fuses would be a great song title if I ended up writing based on these short bits.

I also love to talk and tell stories. I know how conscious I am, and want to be of listening. and I am a good listener. Despite that fact, I can still attempt to dominate a situation through story or trying to be funny.

It’s weird how repetitive interactions with friends and family can normalize unusual behaviours.

So I guess I have some trying to do.

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