in a world full of quiet

describe the most beautiful sound you have ever heard

much like the best song of all time, this question begs a meticulous and focused combing of my mind’s archive.

much as there are countless great songs, plenty of them beautiful, there are also beautiful sounds.

my affection for different sounds changes on different days, in separate minutes. it seems, perhaps, impossible to track each of these sounds.

a wiser man might say quiet. silence. that could very well carry the most gorgeous elements the world offers. too often silence goes unnoticed. but it’s important. not engaging, not speaking, not yelling or whistling, can bear the same strength and shoulder the same load as an eloquent phrase or sentence.

but I am not a wiser man.

at this moment, I find beauty in the subtle voice crack of a powerful vocalist. many singers I enjoy can fill beats, lines, phrases, and songs with unbridled elegant tone. many do it well. some to a sickly level of perfectionism.

it’s the warble I love.

it expresses so much, without really being precisely placed. it’s raw.



though a mistake, it represents the spirit with which so many artists create. when noted, it stirs emotion.

we need more of the imperfect. we need more of the songs sung for reasons of lyrical significance.

voice cracks that are like pin holes, allowing a partial glimpse of a song’s story. they are the byproduct of pain’s release.

passionate. pliable, and eloquent,

without any intention.

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