with every creative seed sown…

are you making the world a better place?

The world could use more of this question, and yet so much less of it at the same time. It begs us to be cliche, metaphorical, and romantic.

There are two things I still want to be and accomplish within a lifetime. The first is and was always, to be a father (a good one at that). and the second thing to make the world better in some way. Leave the place better than when I found it.

Sure I have dreams and ambitions. I think we all need them. Living free of goals completely forces us along a path devoid of any drive. or execution. Yet, on any given day, is a drive to accomplish goals for yourself a helpful strategy for the plight of the world?

Does doing art for a few people make that much of a difference?

I think it has to. Certainly pair that effort with some time spent in service of others, but we need to reiterate. The opposite of war is not peace. The opposite of war is creation. A creation breeds peace. So create cool shit. Pitch it to the world, and guide it to fruition. With each creative seed sown, steps are made towards a different, and hopefully better, planet.

So much for avoiding sentimentalism, Gord.

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