what is the worst emotion a human being can feel?

This world poses questions that are met with definitive answers. Right or wrong, a specific number, an understood phrase. At a time where so little is certain, and so many givens are set to be removed, this question comes not with a definitive answer.

The two I came up with were hate and powerlessness.

Hate may seem obvious, but in this context it could in fact be opposite. The emotion that hate exudes can sometimes feel good. At least for the hateful party. Ranting about ideas that one does not share can feel freeing. It can feel good to dispute the stance of a person you fundamentally oppose. But does that feeling last? Is it sustaining?

We witness the notion of complaining in this theatre. Those thinkers who are not solution focused can spew hate and vitriol without a shred of self-doubt. Those annoyed by the work involved in many of the greatest people’s histories. These people are often the ones defending the very notions you directly oppose.

An event took place last week that shook me. I guess in part it’s why I haven’t had much appetite for writing. This event has fostered hate and powerlessness in so many people. While I may be among those least affected by this calamity, it remains a genuine concern. Things of this magnitude drastically change the perceptions of masses of people.

The lack of freedom, the lack of security, the lack of comfortability that people are experiencing right now is horrifying. and the worst part is, one of my least favourite emotions is the exact way I’m feeling right now. Downright powerless.

Now, let’s not get things twisted, in a normal year and a normal situation, I can understand pleas to give everybody and chance and respect the process.

But this is not a normal year. In fact it is rather abnormal. And normalizing the malice. The outright hatred. Is offensive on so many levels.

It’s taken a week and I still have nothing articulate to say.

I thought humankind was better than this.

But I guess it’s back to work.

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