what is more important in a friend: someone who makes you laugh, or someone who is always there for you?

I don’t want to give off too much of a ‘cheater’ vibe, but a little bit of both would be ideal.

While I am listing off the things I need to practice, I might as well add picking a side and forming an opinion.

The friend who is always there for you is a more advantageous companion.

When it comes down to the tough shit, the stuff that makes you sick to your stomach, you really want to make contact with the type of person who will answer the phone. You really want to grab a pint with the type of person who recognizes that you just need a set of ears in such a dire situation.

The serendipitous part about this is most times, when you are lucky to have that friend, you barely have to ask. It’s like they feel it when you are in tough. or homesick. or frustrated.

Friendships of this nature are to be nurtured. Friendships of this nature are to sit as the foundation on which you grow. This friend is blunt, tells you the hard stuff, and has positive energy in spades to pull you through.

and this all in turn makes you want to be that friend for someone else. and the world gets a little brighter thanks to a key fact:

Kindness, friendship, and love are all contagious.

and being ignorant, selfish; those are requisites of an unwise quarantine. Don’t get it twisted, cuz putting up walls is a bunch of hogwash.

Build community instead. Make noise. Especially with pals, because as far as I am concerned, they ought to be your chosen family. No matter what.

I guess there is an underlying message here. Needing your friends to be there and talk is crucial, but a bit of kidding around never hurt

It’s that laughter is the best medicine feeling you so often get around that ‘life of a party’ friend. Even if it’s sometimes fleeting, it’s a damn good way to medicate. It’s also a far less aggressive way to medicate than the long list of alternatives one could think of.

My hesitancy to pick a side in this great debate lies at the crux of this thought. I think you need both. By laughing with you, your buds are being there for you. A conscious ear without a positive outlet is just as difficult as a class clown with limited conversational skills.

You love your friends, your friends love you. The laughing is what you need, and your friends got what you need…

Thanks for having my back.

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