what is something you have learned in the past few days?


In the most dire of times, the good in all of us can still prevail. The fight in all of us still exists. and the dreamer in all of us lives forever.

it’s only taken the last few days, but I have relearned the importance of resiliency. In all facets of life.

There are massive problems in the world.

tragedies even.

But a resilient community can conquer them with a mindset rooted in will power. Thanks to the gutty performances of the people who care most about the outcome.

I’ve learned that even Frank Ocean will one day come thru for you. It may have taken a while, but it happened.

Lastly, though I try to remind myself of the fact every single day, I have learned how poignant and beautiful the wind down is. Everyone needs to slow things down at different intersections in life. And it should be welcomed. I’ve learned that a longing for the past is toxic. It’s quite telling that a man like Gord Downie, facing his imminent demise, puts on sparkly suits and dope ass hats and gets to his business.

Knowing that you’ll see less of your friends, knowing that you will drink less beers out on the town and more in the comfort of your best company. at home. It’s all worth it still.

I feel like life presents a constant inner quarrel regarding these things, but I’m finally understanding it a lot better.

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