what is the best thing about being either single or partnered? (whichever you happen to be right now.)

B has grown into a substantial component of my life.

I do remember the quizzical faces staring back at me 5 years ago. A rec league game would have just ended, and the ceremonial post-game beverage would loom. I remember sipping beers and telling close friends that I was seeing a girl from Montreal, from Calgary, who thought it was a good idea to take a double-decker bus down the 401 weekend after weekend to hang out with me. with me.

Some may not admit it, but I’m sure they thought we had lost our marbles.

All of that mentioned, another distinct memory I have is of telling my cousin that I thought I may have met the coolest girl ever, within days of meeting B.

Then five years passed. Those friends came around, or simply gained the extra ounces of faith in me that they needed to. and my cousin reminds me to this day that my hypothesis is confirmed.

The best part of being partnered is the work. I’d be lying if I said that I thought I would ever love living in Calgary, Alberta, let alone move here in the first place. But getting the chance to wake up everyday a little bit more in sync with your partner is fucking cool.

In fact, it’s the coolest.

The best part of having a partner is knowing that your sense of humours align. No matter how twisted they are. You know someone is going to come home and iguana dance around the kitchen, just so that you forget about how lame the rest of the world can be sometimes.

Believe me I’ve seen it. and it works.

Somebody is always around to listen to music with, give you a book suggestion, or be your proofreader. and timing is a funny thing. We don’t spend a lot of time worried about being overly romantic at every opportunity, and that’s what I love about a solid relationship. You get to a party and you barely speak to each other, knowing that you have the rest of the weekend to catch up on things.

There’s no need for affirmation, because you feel it all the way down in the soles of your feet. You may end up weary, but it’s bound to be due to travel, side by side, with a person you know wants to experience the same parts of the globe.

It’s helpful to have a sidekick when it comes to trotting.

It’s also nice that meals end up tasting 40 times better than what I would be able to muster up on a daily basis.

Having a partner is cool, because you end up living with your best friend ever. Being a homebody, its so refreshing to make no plans and end up having one of the most memorable nights of your life happen.

Above all, you always know you have someone to sing to.

We try to be sentimental, but sometimes it just comes out in weird ways. If there’s one thing I can say it’s…

I belong to you.

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