what is your favourite physical aspect of your partner?

Some would use this as an opportunity to be noble, or exercise some level of poignancy. To bellow a proclamation of inner beauty and its obvious superiority.

Some may find tall, tall horses to perch themselves upon, and claim that maybe in fact, sex does not sell.

Even more may hesitate to share this information concerning their partner. I don’t blame any of these people. Their plight is pure, their intentions true, yet they still indulge in a lie or three.

The issue with that thought process is that we all notice physical appearance. The shapes of bodies, colour of eyes, gait cycles, wardrobe choices. All of it.

When a body is in shape, it’s sexy. When you lock eyes with another captivating set, it’s sexy. A walk soaked in confidence is sexy and an outfit that oozes cool is sexy.

and I don’t just mean lustful. It’s sexy the way a marketing idea can be sexy in business. On trend is an easy way of feeling this out.

No reason exists to be overly judgmental in this regard. Although there must be a distinguishing line drawn between judging and analyzing. The type of people watching I love to do is analytical in nature, not judgemental.

The quest is to find ideas and hunt for cool.

I’ve gotten used to seeing B hanging out and going out. She has a lot of stunning physical traits. In my opinion, her style is underrated (especially if you ask her). She’s got a coolness that even she isn’t aware of.

Then there’s the side of her that is kind of awkward. and that may also be when she is sexiest. Unabated, dancing around and being foolish. Along with that, when she gets dressed up, it’s hard not to take notice.

Which brings me to a real answer. Her eyes are the most gorgeous mine have ever registered. Their blueness is endless, their stare unavoidable. Ultimately, otherworldly.

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