when you’re the new kid in town…erm…school.

describe the day you met your best friend, from your friend’s point of view.

An initial acknowledgement. The proverbial head nod.

On the first day of fifth grade, this skinny kid shows up on the playground. We had lost a lot of friends to the impressive school recently build across town. You see, boundaries had changed. And now this kid was imposing on ours.

We’ll admit it was probably harder being one of 4 new students entering a well established contingent of Flames than being one of 800 brand new kids, searching for a chance to achieve ‘Saint’ly status. But you could tell how nervous this kid was. It was written all over his face.

For the first while we watched the bullies take aim. Like a verbal firing squad. Some shots penetrated what little armour he used to shield himself. Others glanced off his shoulders. Others still completely missed the target.

You know what, he bent, quivered even, but he didn’t break. and it never got really bad.

While the elementary school world minded their social circles, red rover, and tech decks, skinny decided to push his way into some social circles.

Three years down the line, we’d be sitting at two desks, proclaiming ourselves ‘the lunch crew’, trading sandwiches for wraps and spelling out:


over and over again (for the record: I’ve misspelled on purpose.)

This all can be traced back to our glory days, standing outside portable five, learning how cool it was to just hang out and not play sports and sweat each recess.

It seems the bullies lost and we all managed to create a hell of a story growing up. One for the ages, if you ask me.

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