I am backward

Strange but true! We have seen many incidents in recent past where people are fighting to be called as backward. I know this sounds ridiculous and believe me it is. Worst part here is active participation of youth whom we believe is the future of our country. Future!!! Shouldn’t we worry about present now?


Recent incident of Haryana Jaat community demanding reservation is really shocking. Not only they are well stable community but also you can not dare to call them backward in front of them. You know why ? Because they are not. I am not saying everyone is stable on economic ground. But which community have 100% wealthy people. Come on!! We are a developing country. This is practically impossible. This distribution is what runs any economy.

Another disheartening this to witness is how did they demand and protest. Who on earth gave them right to fire up public and private property. Aprx 20,000 crore was burnt in few days. Someone tell those morons who did this act, public property comes from public money and we tax payers do not pay tax to see it get burnt.


We want to be called as OBC (Other Backward Caste) and seek reservation in Government Jobs and Education sector.

Lets think why is it happening and how to avoid it.

Why — The reality

Government Jobs

Why on earth they need reservation in Govt jobs, why not in private sector. You can answer yourself. Even a kid will answer same because every second person is under presumption of -

  1. No Work
  2. Job Safety
  3. I am King and I don’t fucking care about other human
  4. Ahh do not forget pension
  5. Social Status
  6. Sure Job to heirs
  7. … probably many more

We won’t study hard in competitive exams and we do need reservation so that we can sit on positions irrespective of our capability. After all, I don’t give a damn about you OR your country. It is my life and I want to live it King size no matter on cost of many others.


Reservation was brought when it was needed ( even though it could have been tackled in some other way ). It was given to us by britishers and we adopted it for 10 years(not sure exact time) after freedom. But our beloved politicians played vote game always and kept on sucking country.


Government Jobs

Why can’t we make them similar to private jobs. Lets revisit the facilities we have offered to Govt employees. Why can’t we outsource these to private sector OR just let it operate by some private organisation.

  1. No Work — Why on earth !! You get paid because of your work. If private organisation can work why not Govt. There should be appraisal system, payroll based on performance of employees.
  2. Job Safety — WTF! If you don’t work then on what ground you need job safety. Permanent Job system should vanish.
  3. Pension — If employees of private organisation can plan their pension themselves then why not Govt employees. Ya I forgot they are dumb. Come on!! If you are not then you should plan your future yourself.
  4. Social Status — We live in 21st century. Can we please stop giving fuck to what other people think. Secondly what are you proud of ? That you go to office at 11 and start at 4 ? That you do not work and get paid ? That you do not treat fellow people as human ? That you deceive everyone and feel satisfied ? Who are you?? Asshole!!
  5. Job to Heirs — Yea private sector people and their children are burden for society right. How on earth do you justify this!! Sometimes you should let your brain do what it is meant for. Everyone suffers in life and this system is plain bullshit.
  6. … Many more

I am in total support of this provided it makes some sense. If you deserve, Govt should help you till senior secondary education. After that you are on your own. How do you prove being backward means you are dumb. No you are not! Right!! Then study and get the education you deserve. Don’t beg!

Yes you are backward

If you can fight for reservation because you are backward, then you should always be showcased in that way. Every student who gets some reserved seat must have I-card and roll number which explicitly says ‘I am backward’. Every employee of any sector who gets job because of reservation must have I-card which explicitly says ‘I am backward’. Everything comes with a cost and this luxury should have this minimal cost. After all you are proud of being backward. Those who are sensible and have dignity must understand it and do not accept reserved seats/jobs. I wonder who wants to be seen as backward.

What? Are you feeling heat? Why? Because you are not backward OR you do not want others to behave in that way.

Think for a second, what impression are you leaving on coming generation. What morale are you passing to your kids! It is never late, you can act now.