Why I think we are not achieving Gender equality anytime soon

Recently I came to know one wise and hard fact.

Women are more valued in today’s world and Men are more respected
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I was stunned for a moment and asked myself : “Why did not I think this?” I believe this one sentence has answers to many problems and questions we have since long.

We can see feminists all around but In my opinion every person has his/her own definition of feminism and hardly a few thinks it is equality we should focus on. Yes I agree in some sense, feminists are asking equality. BUT Do you think the way we are approaching this problem, are we getting any visible solution ? Yes and No both. Here is what I think :

Problem lies from beginning. Before a baby is born, we pray we want Girl OR Boy ! Why! Now think If you wanted Boy and you get a Girl child. Yes you are happy because she is your daughter but is it same happiness and celebration ? It applies vice-versa as well.

Then from childhood, we directly or indirectly teach kids to behave in a way we want OR we are wired. We wire them as well. We say to girls to stay home OR be delicate. We say guys to go out and play and be hard. We say girls to be careful all the time, adopt a not risk taking attitude. We say guys to take risks, learn and repeat. Now when they become adult, they are wired the same way. They behave the same way. No matter how much influence the world has on them, their roots drive them the way they were programmed.

Then we teach them different social circles, we teach them girls circle and guys circle. We teach them to stay away but together. We teach them you can share your emotions with same gender BECAUSE you are soft and vulnerable if you share with other Gender and YOU have to maintain your f***ing social image. Guys you are tough and Girls you are soft. Do you know if we say same thing to an animal thousand times, he will behave the way we want because they are taught the only way. Same is the case with us, superior animals.

We teach them different colors, we teach them different emotions, we teach them different way to sit/talk/laugh and express. We are making them what they are and there is not harm in that if we want this. If we want this to change, we have to adopt new way.

Lets take some examples of Women are more valued in today’s world and Men are more respected

Imagine someone is not behaving properly and few women beats him/them/her . How do we portray it ? We say ‘This is women empowerment’ Do not mess with women and so on. I am not saying this is not encouragement but do we really need this. How about men all the time fighting on border. We do not portray them ‘Men Power’ at every given chance. IF we need equality, we should change this behavior. Value all genders equal and respect equal.

2nd example, these days I hear many a times. World needs women leaders. Why ? World need better humans. World need better leaders. Again, we need equality here. Remember value and respect.

There is a saying, You become what you want to be. Reality is You become what you try to be. Now think if you teach a guy to play, do hard physical work, be strong; what will be result. The present Men. Think if you teach girls to be at home, play with dolls and always accept what is told to them. What will be result ? The present Women. It is as simple, we are result of what we did since childhood. It is compounded every time.

Accept it, Girls are God gifted when it comes to beauty. Why do you think girls who are in sports have less attractive appearance, it is as simple: they spent their time and energy in sports than in facial and beauty parlor. They are what they tried. They are beautiful as a person and excellent in their field. Same applies to Men.

Assume we have two plants, one is watered properly, taken care every season and other was neglected. It somehow managed to grow with rain water with less care. Which plant do you think will become a strong tree ?

So if we need equality, it will not happen overnight. We have to change the way we raise kids. We have to program them the equal way. We have to transfer those values which they can apply later and make the world equal. Hope in next 3–4 decades things will be better. But we have to act now.

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