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The Five Things That Will Get You Nowhere Fast

Recommendations on how to conduct oneself when meeting new acquaintances or business folk.

LinkedIn, Isn’t Good Enough.

You need a resume. And it’s got to be a good one.

It all started when I got recruited by a big fancy company. You can Google it. The…

LinkedIn is just like dating. Courtship rules.

If you want to get ahead, instead of just get some.

@CallawayGolf has a secret weapon; Innovation.

Harry Arnett, SVP.

Harry Arnett is a big shot over at Callaway Golf. He’s super important. I had to go through four…

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#wanderlust and travel fiends.

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Six Months of Road

Coming clean on that which we do… 

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The Witching Hour

Sometimes, life thrusts you into what you were always meant to do. 

You might not enjoy how you get there, thing is, you get there. 

You Can Sell Your Time, But You Can Never Buy It Back.

Caveat venditor.

Time is precious. Stupid people are plentiful. The following are some guidelines that have…

Why Everyone Should Hire An Amateur, Once.

It’ll be the best thing you ever do.

The above quote is my favorite quote when making recommendations on deepening the…

Say viral one more time. I’ll punch you in the throat :)

“We will push to drive awareness virally.”

Dear Rich (White) People

“Did he just write that?!” is what Anderson Cooper is thinking.

I’m not even kidding. I’ve got ideas for days and can make it rain…

The Cult(ure) of Innovation

What could advertising look like in 2020 and what do we need to do to prepare for it?

Dear @Medium, What Are You Doing?

And what’s happening Anil Dash?

Been noticing the Editor’s Picks on Medium are mostly established bloggers that have platforms to…