The Natal Chart: A Person-centered Mandala

One definition of a mandala is a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity”. An astrological birth chart, or natal chart, is a person-centered mandala, symbol, or logos — a word of power. It carries a message: the symbolic formulation of your dharma (nature or reality), suggesting how you can best actualize the innate potentialities of your particular and unique selfhood.

Astrology is a language of symbols and implies a process of unfoldment or, as Carl Jung might have said, individuation. A birth chart may be “static”, but it can be “progressed” and related to…

Your Inherited Potential: Understanding Archetypal Activation, Transformation, & Empowerment

Developing a clear connection to your soul’s evolutionary intentions, patterns, & desires through the Astrological natal chart can awaken personal power and a sense of feeling very grounded in your life path. Your birth chart is full of potent information about the evolutionary progressions of your soul desires. To deepen your overall sense of clarity and certainty along your life’s journey in relation to those evolving desires is to cultivate intimate relationships with key archetypes in your soul’s astrological context.

Archetypes are recurrent symbols or motifs in literature, art, and mythology. In Jungian psychology, archetypes are inherited potentials which are…

This article aims to highlight the powerful synergy between a clear mind and open, leading, compassionate heart while providing insight into personal and universal craziness that is all too commonly judged, ridiculed, and micro-managed, rather than clearly understood and cared for.

cra·zi·ness | ˈkrāzēnəs | noun

mad, wild, or erratic behavior or nature

Arguably, craziness stems from an incongruency from the mind and heart working together synergistically. It’s my belief that the common use of calling each other (including ourselves) crazy is primarily related to the caring or not so caring relationship that the mind takes to the emotional world.

Without understanding what you are…

In Sanskrit, Rāja means “chief, best of its kind” or “king”. It thus refers to “chief, best of yoga” or the highest state of yoga practice (one reaching samadhi). Just as a king acts with independence, self-confidence, and assurance, Rāja Yoga evokes the vigor of autonomy, independence, and fearlessness and is a dedicated path of self-discipline and practice.

When Swami Vivekananda equated Rāja Yoga with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it became a modern name for practicing 8 core steps to Yoga, most commonly known as Ashtanga Yoga or the Eightfold Path of Yoga. …

For so many quick fixes and pills that “promise” health, long work hours that guarantee “success”, and countless media sources that “connect” us to each other, it seems that we’re seeking greater meaning in places far and wide, but we’re still feeling empty, imbalanced, alienated, and over-stressed.

Nowadays especially, we need real, effective practices and perspectives to remedy cultural maladies. Topical applications and band-aids aren’t working. The root, not surface, of issues, need attention. And the inseparable root-lying, baseline control to all that you relate with is you.

A way of working with planetary influences is to actually follow their movements in the sky and reflect on their current archetypal filters (what sign they are in). One of the simplest ways to engage with astrological concepts and begin a journey into greater kosmognosis — as Astrologer Adam Sommer often refers to as a type of cosmic intuition/knowing — is to engage with the Lunar cycle: the Moon’s relationship to the Sun as it travels around the Earth.

As the Sun reflects light onto the Moon, a process of transformation unfolds. We can liken this to our growth through…

By briefly examining the luminaries — the Sun and Moon — you can gain a clearer perspective on the solar system’s natural cycle of evoking a sense of purpose and wholeness through archetypes — “universal principles or forces that affect — impel, structure, permeate— the human psyche and human behavior on many levels” (1).

In short, astrology is a study of your soul’s intention to embody and evolve through particular archetypes in order for spiritual growth. You’re not just a human who can have spiritual experiences. You are a spiritual being having human experiences.

By learning the “curriculum” of your…

Before understanding how to map your desires and create goals with your higher self, it’s important to understand the root of desire — wholeness. Your true desire is for wholeness, ultimately. Knowing the feelings behind specific desires has its place and fits into the picture of creating the most fulfilling life possible. Yet, making goals toward that end can take us further from realizing the power of living more fulling connected to the now.

Any desire that does not direct you to a place of authentic wholeness is from trauma and core wounding — some type of compensatory impulse that…

The relative world in which we live is full of cultural conditioning that can hijack you through a type of systems thinking — a way of thinking that keeps you in a loop and belonging to a certain belief system and set of behaviors created originally with that respective system. A sense of feeling “home” can be lost because the core of your authenticity and innocence is obscured.

In much of western culture, scarcity and fear have a stronger foothold. Unfortunately, this culture tends to value finding what’s wrong with something and overcoming it, being competitive, and condemning others for…

“Perhaps the deepest reason why we are afraid of death is because we do not know who we are.” — Sogyal Rinpoche — The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying

Your ability to greet death as a path to deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose in this world is your ability to greet life with utmost enthusiasm. Knowing yourself deeply matters. The time you spend getting to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, preferences, and innermost authentic feelings reminds you that nothing on the inner level is there to stay. And the outer world reflects this. An inner alignment can…


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