We connected through Airbnb. Jamin is a white male who took eight months with pay leave from work to travel the world. Well, South America in particular. Do not confuse this with a vacation like I did. A vacation is for two weeks in hotels relaxing. Traveling is backpacking for eight months, with pay, not knowing where one may sleep or where your next destination could be.

Jamin has always been fascinated with Jamaica. He’s Been to many reggae festivals in his country. Met many Jamaicans. Loves Bob Marley. Loves marijuana, the female strand — less seeds.

He travels to Jamaica, but he's disappointed. 
All our marijuana has seeds, the male strand, and not very potent like the one he has back home. Jamaicans aren't helpful, all we do is point. We only recommend the most expensive routes to his destinations. Jamaicans are all about money, big houses and cars. He doesn't understand why we’re like this about material things. He quotes Bob Marley on what is richness, “Possession makes you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. My richness is life.” Why aren’t Jamaicans following this lifestyle?

When he decided to travel for eight months, with pay, he gave up his place and took what he had to his parents house. 
He doesn't need things. Things hold him back. He wants to be free.

He thinks Jamaica is cool the good vibes, the ackee. 
He met a really cool and intelligent family in Montego Bay. Lovely people. He was surprised. Maybe because they've traveled. Bi racial family. White/mixed wife. Black husband. 
Jamaica doesn't have a lot of sensible people he would say with a laugh. I smiled and nodded. I should have made a smart comment but I didn’t.

I too want to backpack the world for the second or third time I queried what he does for a living. He’s a consultant with a great boss who gave him eights months travel leave with pay.

Do you host through Airbnb? I’d love to hear the connections you’ve made.

One love.