My first online hackathon

Being the underachiever , I reluctantly entered my first online hackathon ( Solo, of course) and you know what? It was a blast.

I thought it would be more of, rigorous coding 24/7 without any breaks, fixing bugs and wiping dripping sweat and blood. But that was not the case. Mini-events such as Valorant tourneys, ludo and fricking Bob Ross paintings kept the event alive (atleast for me in all kinds of ways).

Here’s my digital art by the way:

Rather than aiming for the prize pool, I decided I would connect with the community, engage with mentors and attend speaker session and it really opened up a lot of doors and opportunities.

If you’re a beginner or unsure whether to attend hackathons, don’t rack your brains, just go for it (atleast for the experience).

I’m pumped up right now and ready to participate in other events.

Remember all it takes is the first step



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Gokul Ks

Gokul Ks


Electronics Undergrad, who's passionate about computers and learning different technologies. I'm also a Binance Campus Ambassador