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WordPress powers 25 percent of the web in the modern world. There’s a huge probability that every other website/blog you stumble upon is powered by WordPress. There was a time when WordPress was used for building blogs but over the time the evolution of WordPress into a Content Management System (CMS) has changed the game.

WordPress has not only made web development easier but has also reduced the cost of web development by leaps and bounds. Entrepreneurs and individual webmasters can now build dynamic websites without needing a developer.

6 Reasons which makes WordPress great

Reason 1: It is Easy to Learn: Yes! You can master the art of creating websites using WordPress within 24 hours. Learning WordPress also open doors to new opportunities. You can provide WordPress installation and optimization services and generate seed fund for your business.

Reason 2: It is Flexible Enough (Open Source): Yes! You can make any and every change you want. WordPress allows you to change the color, font and remove any pre-inserted logos from the themes with great ease. WordPress is flexible enough for just about anything. The flexibility is one of the reasons behind its huge popularity.

Reason 3: It is robust: WordPress is the most robust Content Management System and this is probably why giant enterprises like Time Magazine, Sony, LinkedIn and CNN uses it for powering their online campaigns.

Reason 4: It is Search Friendly: The Search Friendly nature is probably the most important reason why enterprises prefer WordPress to other CMSs. WordPress easily creates search friendly page links. So you don’t have to worry about complying with Google for SEO friendly pages.

Reason 5: WordPress is Secure: Internet is an uncertain place but with your site powered by WordPress you can worry less. The CMS is designed with security in mind hence it is quite safe and secure. Of course, you need to make sure you follow security guidelines of WordPress for maximum safety.

Reason 6: WordPress handles Multimedia quite easily: Yes making your site rich of content is now easier. With WordPress anyone can include Images, Text, Videos, Sounds on their websites.

How to use WordPress to create a website?

Before creating a website using WordPress, you will be required to book a domain name and also acquire hosting account for publishing your site on the Web.

To get started here are few options for booking your domain, hosting your website:




5 Simple Steps to create your website in WordPress:

Step 1: Get Hosting Account: You will need a hosting account to host your website. There are some amazing players like DreamHost that provide quality-hosting services at affordable prices.

Step 2: Install WordPress: Now that you have a hosting account, it is time for you to install WordPress. The Cpanel or Plesk panel of various hosting accounts provides a direct installation feature. You can click on the WordPress installation button and get it installed within minutes.

Step 3: Find the right theme: You will have to understand your business better in order to find the best theme. Look for themes on the Internet; find a theme that goes with the genre with your business and upload it on the WordPress account. One of the best place to find themes is Themeforest. They have paid themes but every month they do offer one theme for free.

Step 4: Upload the Content: Now that the site is live with an exquisite theme, it is time for you to customize it according to your needs. Upload content, logos, images and videos and make your website look fuller.

Step 5: Add Plugins: It is important for your website to have a Facebook like, Facebook login and subscribe button. These plugins are available for free and you can find them in your WordPress account.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress is immensely popular among web developers because of the flexibility it provides; least people know is that this flexibility is the attribute of WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are nothing but well written codes that expands the functionalities and abilities of WordPress. They are just plug and play codes.

Why use WordPress plugin?

Lot of features can be added within minutes by using WordPress plugins. Need web developer needed. Do I say more 

List of some well known plugins:

WordPress Plugins comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s a WordPress plugin for everything you can imagine. Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are:

Akismet: This plugin protects your WordPress site from unwanted spam comments and emails.

Jetpack: This is a cloud-based plugin. Jetpack enhances the customization ability of WordPress sites by acquiring storage capacity from Clouds. Jetpack enhances the speed of the site and also improves security features.

YoastSEO: Probably the most popular WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO allows web masters to enhance their on-site SEO by tracking the SEO performance of the content in real time.

WooCommerce: It is the most powerful WordPress plugin; WooCommerce brings a lot of additional functionalities with it for your E-commerce site.

Contact Form 7: Gone are the days when you were dependent upon Google Form for taking input from visitors; Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugins that simplifies things for better. Contact Form 7 is pre-defined page and can be customized according to our business needs.

What is WordPress theme and How to choose right theme for your business?

A WordPress theme can be defined as the Way your website looks. The images, text and layouts a visitor sees on your site are actually the Theme. A WordPress Theme is no different than any other Theme. WordPress themes are flexible and very much Search Engine Friendly.

Changing the theme of your site will change the way your site looks; a theme is basically the face of your site. With the increased competition there has been an increase in theme customization and optimization.

Here’s how to choose the right theme for your website:

Understand your business: The main purpose of theme is to leverage users with a great experience hence it is only feasible to have a theme that represents your business. Develop an intricate understanding of your business and then start looking for themes online.

Speed: The amount of think it takes to go from one page to another on your site decides the SEO score of your website. Do not go for themes that are really heavy and have unnecessary chunk of codes.

Mobile Friendly: About 30% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices hence it gets indispensable for enterprises to develop a mobile friendly site. A theme that runs with same eloquence on stationary and mobile devices is the key to success. A theme takes less amount of time and loads faster will help you leverage mobile users with a quality experience.

Ease of Customization: It is very important to find a theme that can be customized with great ease.

Pros of Premium Themes:

More Updates: Unlike free themes, premium themes are going to receive more updates. Updates will cater to running errors and will also undermine security threats.

Unique Design: As WordPress powers almost 25% of the Web, free WordPress themes have been overused. With Premium theme you can leverage your site with a new and fresh look.

Better Documentation: Premium Themes come with well-defined documents. Webmasters can depend upon such documents for making the most of Premium Themes.

Instant Customer Support: finding support for free themes is impossible but for Premium Themes you can acquire 24X7 support.

No attribution Link: Premium themes are paid themes hence they do not come with attribution links in the Footer.

Cons of Premium Themes:

Expensive: Premium Themes are going to incur charges somewhere between $50-$500 while Free Themes are available for free.

Unwanted Features: Premium themes are going to come with a lot of inbuilt features. Some of them you may not use but still you pay for them.

Recommended WordPress hosting for your Website

Dreamhost: Dreamhost is an award winning web hosting company that enables enterprises and individuals web masters to host the biggest of the websites without a lot of hassle.

Here’s why Dreamhost is one of the best options for WordPress Hosting:

  • Provides Customized and managed WordPress hosting
  • Has a 99% of uptime
  • Provides unlimited hosting space and bandwidth
  • 24X7 Customer Support
  • Money back guarantee

Hostgator: Dreamhost and Hostgator have been battling for the rank 1 for sometime now. Hostgator surely has a better uptime than other contemporaries but when it comes to Dreamhost, the competition is really tough. Hostgator has helped millions of webmasters converted their online dreams into reality.

Here’s why you should consider hosting your WordPress site on Hostgator:

  • The 24X7 award winning customer support assists you out of every problem and run time error.
  • With a downtime of 8hrs per year, Hostgator also provides an uptime of 99%
  • One click installation feature helps you save time
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage allows you to create a heavy and full-fledged website for your business

WordPress has the power of doing wonders to your online business.

It is going to be your implementation skills that will set the course of your online business.

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