Mental Health, and the Stigma of the Online Community

To begin, I suffer from anxiety and a few personality issues, I’ll leave the personality issues as is, because I don’t really want to delve into that topic, just yet. However I do want to discuss the stigma of the online community, versus those who suffer from mental illnesses, mild and severe alike.

Many outsiders, as well as people who use the internet on a day to day basis, are under the impression that most of the people who’re online are hateful people, and while it is fair to say there is a staggering amount of people who will tear you down for any reason they deem good enough, the internet is also obviously a good escape.

There’s all sorts of places where you can meet new people, games, chatrooms, websites such as Twitch; and that’s just naming a few. I’d always thought that the internet provided a good escape from my IRL issues, but I never thought that I would actually form bonds where I would tell people my deepest secrets.

Through the years that I’ve been online, I’ve met all sorts of people. Very few that I’ve actually trusted. On the bad side, I’ve been tricked twice, both coming within the past year. Tricked by people who pretended to be someone they weren’t, and both of these people I trusted and talked about personal things with. After being burned on both of these friendships, I realized that the community in which I was getting these friends from was an obvious bad idea. And that’s when I turned to Twitch.

I never thought that I’d be able to find a channel on Twitch with what seemed to be little to no trolls, and an extremely supportive chat. Although, the other day, I found just that. And go figure, it was also a place where they openly talked about mental health, and I felt safe to actually talk about my issues. Everyone was sharing their experiences, people in the chat, the caster, everyone; it was honestly a very freeing experience.

So this is why I say, the online community has this stigma of hateful people, and untrustworthy people, but if you know where to look, you can find friends, and you can find safe places, anywhere.

For anyone who wants to check out this streamer, she’s absolutely amazing, and the chat is too:

A1 Guaranteed.

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