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The Human Race Game is an interactive creative writing game for all ages. Using only a starting point to get the general idea of the storyline. And a few questions to get the mind thinking in one direction. A continuous writing project that stimulates the cognitive development of ones mind and helps them use their creative sides. Beginners can add their own personal touch to “fill in blanks”, answer questions and continue the story.

The Storyline

Th storyline centers around Agent X. The most desired and recruited special agent (can be male or female). Players follow Agent X through his/her various missions and are placed into various “moral” situations Humanely of course. The object is to make the Right decision regarding respecting the rights of others, doing the right thing and making the right choices. Even making sacrafices for the good of all mankind. There is Nothing that Agent X can’t or will not do. Or maybe she would…

To decide “what will happen next” to and with Agent X. To decide whether or not to continue with missions, following direct orders and accessing the decision making processes that formulate the direction that the story will go.

Our Official Press Release


The Invittation To Play The Human Race Game!

We are in the developmental stages however the game is already on its way! “We’re playing it on Facebook.” We would like to say we are the first interactive creative writing game but there are no statistics that we’re aware of.

Everyone and anyone can play

“If They simply follow the storyline there will be no fun in that.”

Agent X can be the most elusive secretive character or retire and live a family life with no action at all. But we seriously doubt that After successful completions of direct orders and missions or perhaps solving a moral issue, the story will continue. Theres Always something more. Cause you help tell the story.

Secret Agents

You are Agent X. You work undercover, yoy lead a double, even tripple life. You are Highly paid for your effort cause you are highly skilled. You can predict what happens. Travel all over the world, accept missions that take Agent X to unfamiliar locales. You fill in the missing parts of the story using Your Imagination.

The Creative Writing Process

A form of Free writing it challenges the mind and helps with writers write.

“…Somtimes the writing gets so serious that you have to stop. But when you get ready to write again you have no idea what to write… writers block.” That won’t happen in The Human Race Game. Every idea is a good idea here.

Choose Agent X’s Fate

Choose various scenarios to complete sections of the game. Defeat criminals in a shady world. Save the world or parts of it from war and destruction. The list goes on and on with fun missions and creative writing and story-telling projects that challenge ones decision making capabilities. Do something Great or nothing at all. Its hard to imagine that if someone came up to you, whispered a word or phrase into your ear that triggered a something terrible or magnificent like combat skills , that was buried deep in your subconscious.

Only to resurface with knowing Exactly everything that you need to know that would assist you with the mission that Headquarters had planned for you. Researching topics that interest you the player the most. Or to be given an assignment that takes you to Budapest, Brazil, Germany or Pakistan. The design for creativity is endless once a scenario is suggested.

Playing the game can take you places that you would ONLY have access to on movies or on video games. The only difference is You control your part of your story.


Check out this exerpt from the original storyline

“…One day you are given an assignment to infiltrate an enemy base and gather intel on it’s operatives.
Along with that order, you are given supplies efficient to do the job. As you review the contents, you discover a note hidden amongst the false identification, two million dollars cash, arsenal and other cool gizmos and gadgets.

The note says: " Do everything that needs to be done. If you encounter a problem, 'handle it’."
With the supplies that you were given, also was a cyanide pill used for 'suicide’, one of the most common forms used as a means to 'escape' capture. _which would usually lead to torture then eventually, giving up vital intel about your own agency.
You take the pill in its compartment and tuck it away in your survival pack. Then set out on your way on your mission.

As you board your flight to 'Munich’, you contemplate living a normal life and one where you can choose what you want to do and have more freedom instead of following dangerous orders that lead only to instances that will never come to the public eyes. You sit in your seat and await …”

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