"Let’s Play A Game."

You’re a highly skilled secret agent operative on a covert mission. You get direct orders from base. One day you are given an assignment to infiltrate an enemy base and gather intel on it’s operatives.
Along with that order, you are given supplies efficient to do the job. As you review the contents, you discover a note hidden amongst the false identification, two million dollars cash, weaponry and other gadgets. The note says: " Do everything that needs to be done. If you encounter a problem, 'handle it’."
With the supplies that you were given, also was a cinide pill used for 'suicide’, one of the most common forms used as a means to 'escape' capture. _which would usually lead to torture then eventually, giving up vital intel about your own agency. 
You take the pill in its compartment and tuck it away in your survival pack. Then set out on your mission. 
As you board your flight to 'Munich’, you contemplate living a normal life and one where you can choose what you want to do and have more freedom instead of following dangerous orders that lead only to never coming to the public eyes and the attention you so ling for. You sit in your seat and await the lift off of the plane. Approximately 15 minutes into the flight, you receive a phone call from headquarters advising you that there has neen a change of plans. You are to eliminate 7 persons on your flight all of which were wanted by several criminal organizations and institutions for various top secret information ir crimes. And to make sure that you don’t draw attention to your motives and intentions. You are to bring back 1 item from each of the targets back to headquarters on your return home.

You find it peculiar that they are all on that very same flight. But no matter, its not like you haven’t done a mission similar to this one before. You patiently wait for a chance to make your move and discover that the targets were All members of the same family and from your observations also learned that they ranged in age from 12 to 57 years of age. 
You begin to question headquarters motives, whether they were good or bad. The appointed time for assult was closing in. You observe that the targets appeared to be happy as though they were celebrating an event, laughed and talked loudly. All the while you contemplate making your move. 
At this point, you have "a problem"... You recall the orders and ask yourself, " what does "handle it" mean?" Furthermore you begin to question your Own values and morals. "Asking yourself" what the heck did these people do to deserve my assult?" and "surely headquarters has the wrong people targeted for elimination. Yet you have a job and you Usually get the job done. Thats why you signed up for the job in the first place... So you...
Game Instructions:

Fill in the rest of the story!😄👊📑📊😱😏

Now that you have the storyline of the game, Let's begin. Think about these questions while answering.

#1. What would You do in this situation?
#2. What does "Handle it" mean to you?
#3. Were these people a threat?

This is off the top of my head. 
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