Why A Nazi Came to My Campus

A white supremacist is speaking at UF today, and it makes perfect sense. Whether you want to admit it or not, the University of Florida is prime real estate for Richard Spencer to recruit members of the alt-right.

Just look at all the hateful things that happened last year. We’ve had a neo-Nazi come to campus, our Jewish studies sign has been uprooted and our Black History Month decorations have been destroyed. Spencer knows about all this.

Image courtesy of “The Independent Florida Alligator”

If I was Spencer, I would think there’s a market for my messages here too.

It’s not just last year’s events that caused this. UF has a history of discrimination that the alt-right probably find appealing. UF still has buildings named after segregationists, has never apologized for its expulsion of LGBT students during the Reitz administration and has had a decrease in Black enrollment since affirmative action ended.

Spencer is coming to UF because he feels like he belongs here, and the evidence suggests that he’s right (no pun intended).

If y’all actually care about your fellow Gators, we’re going to need to keep the same energy once Spencer leaves.

Image courtesy of the University of Florida

We’re going to need the fraternities who are promoting “Love not Hate” to stop marginalizing minorities in Student Government.

We’re going to need the journalists who are participating in the“Campaign for Kindness” to stop telling Black and Hispanic students that racism isn’t that big of a deal.

We’re going to need the organizations who are participating in “#TogetherUF” to stop blindly following President Fuchs and start holding the school accountable for its actions.

If we kept this same energy year-round, we could all say #ItsGreatUF. And wouldn’t that be lovely?