Men and Jewellery: A Guide to Get the Look Right

There are many gentlemen who shy away from wearing any jewellery save a wedding band. Most men are uncomfortable with the concept of jewellery for men as jewellery is more often than not looked upon as something very feminine. Although it is true that jewellery is a woman’s best friend, men need to get past their initial hesitance and explore their options, to make a style statement. For men, accessories means wearing a watch! This trend is soon replacing in some parts of the world, but is not a global trend yet.

For men, it is perhaps very difficult to pull off a jewellery, since they are not yet comfortable with the idea. Men can carry off any jewellery if they have the right amount of self confidence in them. For instance, we see many male celebrities making a style statement with a long necklace or an audacious pendant. Other men find these celebrities “cool” as they sport a jewellery. But, when given an option to wear the same, it becomes difficult to even convince them to wear one. At most, men may opt for a bracelet, which is still a good step to extend their willingness to try one of the jewellery.

While teeming a necklace with an outfit, men need to understand that they need to keep everything else as simple as possible. The key is to wear a V-neck tee or a vest and sport a medium length necklace to give the “cool” look. If a necklace is worn with an extremely eye catching, gaudy t-shirt, it will give the appearance of a man who is trying just too hard, or worse, it can give the rough rogue, gangster look, which is far from being desirable.

Although bracelets, necklaces, rings and studs may be initially tricky to get right, but with the right selection, appropriate outfit and occasion, it may most certainly enhance the look of the man, and make him stand apart from all others. To get the look right, it is important that men have the luxury to choose from a separate, exclusive collection for men. When men see a separate section of jewellery in a jewellery shop, especially for them, it will most certainly boost their confidence and push them to make a purchase.

It is not uncommon to have jewellery shops that have a collection for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands. Good förlovningsring designen for men are available, but jewellers also need to pay attention and give importance to other forms of jewellery options that men can sport. It is perhaps because men are deprived of a good, manly collection of jewellery, which is the root cause of rare few men bold enough to opt for jewellery. Hellströms Guld is one of the few juvelerare i Stockholm that appear to provide a good collection of jewellery for both men and women. From necklaces to bracelets and rings, the shop seems to offer its male customers a good collection to choose from. For more information on the company or to take a look at their extensive collection of alliansringar guld visit their website

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