Let Our Voices be Heard

Marilyn Rose
Photo by Gian D. on Unsplash

Glimpses of her voice
bubble to my surface
overcoming me
possessing me
I like it

I like the way she sounds
strong and loud
igniting me
putting pen to paper
spilling out my truths
sing them loudly,
dance naked and hula-hoop

It’s taken twenty eight years
to have these glimpses
of being alive
where before only tasted them
behind clubs and drugs doors

But then, I look around and see
the story that prevails me

These glimpses are like fireworks
colliding in the night
- illuminating the skies
as one goes off, so does another
and another and another
and another

they just can’t stop.

Our voices cannot be stopped
they are deeply rooted

With every voice
speaking her truth, bravely
another part of our dark is revealed
and with it another being is healed

So let’s speak up.

For each other
our mothers
our sisters
our fathers
our brothers

Because lets be clear
we’re all in this together
our pain is your pain
our pleasure is your pleasure
our lives are your lives

together we create life
together we ignite
essential creativity
as the universe delights
all in a gasp
all in a glimpse of light


Marilyn Rose

Written by

The hands are an extension of the heart. Expect poetry, musings and mistakes. Living in Bristol, UK.

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