I left San Francisco for Toronto

Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Drop.

I recently moved from Facebook and the Bay Area to come back to Toronto (and poutines, yum). I was searching for the next problem to tackle; a bigger puzzle that I’d be passionate about solving. When I left California I wasn’t sure what that problem was going to be and I honestly wasn’t even sure if Toronto was the right place to look for it.

Fast forward a few months; I meet the team at Drop — a group of super smart people trying tackle a big problem in an even bigger market. What they’re doing could be seen as organized chaos, as plans constantly change and there are endless things to do. However the passion and intelligence of the team really drew me in. When presented with such a huge opportunity, I really couldn’t say no. I believe in the core mission to build personalized reward programs for millennials. I’m motivated by the challenges and potential impact that Drop faces.

Today I’m leading product, growth and data at Drop. Like I said, I couldn’t say no! Shameless plug — check us out here.

I’ve only been back in Toronto for a few months and the atmosphere is so different from San Francisco. Tech is the newcomer to the city and it’s just growing like crazy. I’m excited to help build a local industry with disruptive companies that attracts world-class talent.

To San Francisco, you’ve shaped a huge part of who I am and I’ll miss you dearly.

To Toronto, let’s grab a coffee! I’d love to connect with more folks in the city and chat.

Send me a message at mark@earnwithdrop.com!

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