3 Reasons Brands Need To Be Utilizing Podcasts to Grow Their Business.

In 2015 I launched the Power Of Great podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio. At the time of the podcast launch, I had not written a book, eclipsed a million dollars in sales, or even had a huge network. What I did have was a voice, a burning desire to reach the world, and the competitive spirit to simply go for it.

None of this would have truly been possible without the help of a budding media company called Rush Impact Media and CEO Jeremie Warner who stepped in and helped me materialize my vision for the podcast. What came from that was a defined logo and legitimate brand.

Since launching the Power Of Great podcast, I’ve gone on to become the Director of Sales for Rush Impact Media and be mentioned as one of the best podcasters in the industry all while having the Power Of Great voted as one of the top twenty-six podcasts to listen to in 2017.

What it allowed me to do was begin to elevate myself as an authority figure and recognized name in my particular field of interest and business. Furthermore, it helped me not just compete with those bigger names in the marketplace but surpass them in terms of name recognition and “top-of-mind” priority to the consumer base.

While there are countless reasons that your brand and business must be getting attention, there are much bigger reasons brands and businesses have to retain that attention. With the fast-paced and competitive marketplace that exists today every brand is looking for a unique advantage to help keep them ahead of their competitors and stay relevant to the consumer base. Podcasting provides that advantage and here are three reasons that your brand needs to be utilizing this platform to its maximum potential.

Consumers Are Getting Mobile

According to Ramona Sukhraj who wrote a nice article on www.impatbnd.com, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. What stands out to me here is that 8 out of 10 consumers not only have a smartphone, but are using that mobile device to research and seek out brands to purchase from or gain more insight into. Sukhraj went on to write that 26% of consumers start mobile research with a branded app. What this means is that they are using an application downloaded on their smartphone device to research a topic they are wanting more information about.

When you think about the bigger picture here, apps account for 89% of mobile media time. A very large number of the current consumer base have a downloaded application on their smartphone devices for music, books, and/or education platforms. When you think about how to get your brand message in front of millions of consumers and stay mobile with them, podcasting allows you to do just that. Applications such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Pandora offer podcast listeners the opportunity to tune into their favorite topics, hosts, and even listen to those influencers, brand ambassadors, or successful business leaders at the press of the play button.

Podcasts Create A Vested And Loyal Audience

How many of you have that one song or even movie that you absolutely love? I would bet that because of your love for that song or movie you also have a loyalty to the artist or actor/actress as well. The same goes for the podcast community. 88% of podcast subscribers will listen to every episode of that subscribed to podcast. This statistic is staggering considering the vast number of podcasts that are out there and the millions of subscribers. What you are seeing here is that listeners subscribe to podcasts based on the fact the they are solving a problem for them, providing real-time takeaways, or offering them a chance to get personal with their favorite brands and influencers.

Consumers are more educated now than ever because of the internet, search engines, social media, etc. Podcasts allow these consumers to get even more educated and; most importantly, get personal with the brands they are doing business with or are looking to do business with. At the same time, podcasts are very popular with the coveted 18–54 age group that all brands and marketers are desperate to connect with. Simply knowing that your current clientele and potential customers are listening to podcasts should be evidence enough that you and your brand should be one of those episodes and/or shows they are listening to.

Podcasting Is Easy

You don’t have to have a fancy degree or production background to start your podcast or be a guest on a podcast. Remember in the beginning when I told you I simply started my podcast and had no idea how to do it? I was technologically challenged when I started the Power Of Great. The beauty of it all was that all I really needed was the content and the rest would take care of itself. With so many applications to choose from, you can Google search popular podcast applications and find which one works best for you.

Personally I use Zoom for the Power Of Great because it is a simple desktop application and allows me to record both video and audio. At the end of the recording it automatically downloads the audio and video files to my desktop, making it seamless and easy for me to catalog the content for upload. By letting the application work for you, podcasting is now more easy than ever and your brand and business needs to be the benefactor from its simplicity.

Because I decided to create a podcast, I not only landed my dream job but I also created a brand that is now recognized across the world. It has allowed me to create an income for my family that I never thought was possible but more importantly, it continues to keep me a relevant option for the current marketplace, while introducing me to the next generation of consumers more efficiently and before many of my other competitors have the chance to do so.