5 Elements To Building Your Business Blueprint!

If you own a business, have started a business, or are thinking about doing so what do you find to be the best strategy? Did you go the conventional route or did you choose an unconventional method? There are many resources sitting out there that will help you navigate the business waters; however, it’s important to understand that your business will require your input and dedication to building out its own definition. As a consultant in the industry I have worked with businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations alike on expanding their bottom lines by enhancing and improving their processes in sales, marketing and overall business development. Having a great idea, brand, service, or product can only get you so far in today’s marketplace. You must develop a plan and truly build out a blueprint for business success so that you can maximize your earning potential and create a product, brand or service that will not only stand out but will leave a lasting impression on the market today.

Create Your Power Statement

Most people are going to ask you for an elevator pitch or a persuasive sales pitch; however, I find that these are more for purely sales and what you really need to stand out and create a recognizable business presence is a statement of power. This is a true 60–90 second introduction to prospects, future clients, and the marketplace that will identify Who you are, What you do, and Why everyone should know you, pay attention to you, and want to know more about your business. Write 5–10 words that best describe who you are and represent. You want to get specific and dial in this process through practice, writing and rewriting this intro and recording yourself saying this as it will give you confidence, allow you to hear where you aren’t so sure of yourself, and build the muscle memory needed for a strong impression. A truly defined Power Statement will contain these particular parts.

  1. The WHO: Simply put this is a specific way you present YOU.
  2. The WHAT: This is your niche, offering, or services provided. (A) This part while specific should also be versed in a way that is unique and leaves an impression. (B) Dress it up but do not over inflate or not be authentic.
  3. The WHY: This part should outline your unique qualifiers that make you the expert your prospects or clients need to be listening to and doing business with.
  • (E.G. My name is Matt Crane known as @iammattcrane on all social media channels, I help businesses enhance their bottom line by improving their sales, marketing, and business development processes through years of experience combined with a proven system and track record of overall business and personal growth.)

Identify Your Niche Market

In order for you to hit the marketplace with speed and precision you must begin to identify your niche. There are numerous ways you can do this; however, I find the fastest and most efficient way is to begin telling your authentic story. This will move you out of obscurity: which according to my mentor and business genius Grant Cardone, says is the #1 problem with all businesses, entrepreneurs etc. This will also begin to build your audience and offer you credibility as you begin to promote your business service, product, or brand to the masses. This is a crucial and most vital step in establishing your niche market because no more than ever, consumers and prospects are looking for authenticity and openness from those brands they patronize. You might have a superior product and that will gain you short term success; however, long-term success awaits those who understand how to serve the masses and build better relationships with your niche market. A great way to begin establishing your niche market will be by outlining the following.

  1. What makes you exciting or a must listen to, must watch, or must follow?
  2. How does your brand, product, or service stand out from the rest in your market?
  3. What are you unique qualifiers and/or areas of expertise?
  4. Write 5–10 words that best describes what others see you as or view you being better than 99% of all others.
  5. What problems can you solve for others better than anyone else?

Build Your Power Plan

Regardless of how you build your business doesn’t necessarily matter. What does matter is that you plan not only for success for but for the requirements your business success will need from you, your staff, your family, and any others that will play a role in your development, scale, and overall functionality. There are some who will have you build a standard business plan, some will tell you that that is not needed. My great friend and highly sought after business and professional development expert Ebong Eka, wrote a best-seller called Start Me Up, The No-Business-Plan Business Plan in which he says staring a business is easy, it’s making it last that is hard. “The key to business success is following the right steps.” I couldn’t agree more with Ebong here as the right steps during the start process is crucial to your making better decisions and knowing how to recover from those moments of failure and loss that you will experience when starting your business. A developed Power Plan will help you stay structured and hold focus on your initial goals and reasons for starting your business. This plan will contain the following parts.

  1. Create Your General Company Description
  2. Identify Your Product & Services
  3. Build Your Marketing Plan
  4. Outline Your Operational Process
  5. Define Your Power Statement
  6. Incorporate Your Niche Branding
  7. Create A Financial Plan
  8. Create A Personal Finance Statement
  9. Identify Your Start-Up Challenges
  10. Define Your Power Goals and Sales Plan To Achieve Them

Create Serviceable Relationships

One of the biggest missteps that most businesses make is that they fail to service relationships prior to trying to sell anything. There is a phrase used throughout business and in the entrepreneurial community “Your network is your Net Worth.” I believe it’s the service of your network that leads to your net worth. Building relationships is king in today’s business market. Engaging your relationships with valuable content, product, and service is what the market is looking for today. Too many are to consumed with selling instead of learning how to service the relationships they are building in order to close the sale. What I suggest for those looking to build a business or enhance their current business is to build more serviceable relationships. I understand that sales are the lifeblood of any business and relationships provide the skeleton. Here are a few examples of how to build serviceable relationships.

  1. Build Your Tribe: Online Group of Followers and Advocates that support, share, and refer your message
  2. Create Networking Events
  3. Webinar and Youtube Videos: Complimentary way to show value to a mass amount of audience
  4. Mastermind Groups
  5. Prospect and Client Pipeline: Follow Up and Engagement is crucial to building deep meaningful relationships

Sell With Power

As mentioned earlier, it is sales that provide the life blood to your business. Too many businesses fail because they do not create enough sales. While building out your plan is important the true POWER of this plan will come from the ability to sell and the opportunity to increase your chances to create more flows of income through the sales process. What you must understand is that building out a strategic and consistent behavior of how you approach a sale, enhance a sales relationship, and the consistency in which you do this will greatly improve your business success because you are doing the necessary activities to create profit and report a better bottom line. What you don’t want to do is downplay how powerful your ability to sell really is or how powerful your inability to sell can be to your business. Here are a few ways to come out of the gate strong with your business through sales.

  1. Know Your Target Market
  2. Identify Your Top 10 Customers
  3. Get Attention: Generate Offline and Online methods of getting noticed.
  4. Create your weekly gameplan: When you will make phone calls, send emails, and produce in person visits to prospects, customer, and potential clients.
  5. GET ACTIVE and GET OFTEN: Don’t just create momentum but generate momentum from momentum. It’s important to generate activity in a consistent and powerful way. By generating high levels of activity offers you more at bats which ultimately gives you more chances at getting hits.

For more articles, blogs, or information such as this be sure to follow Matt on social media @iammattcrane and online at www.iammattcrane.com. You can also download Matt’s podcast the Power Of Great on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher Radio. Matt was recently voted as one of the Top 100 sales experts follow on Twitter and believes that your current situation is not your defining moment.

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