Don’t Like To Write??? Suck it up and make Blogging a Part of your Brand!

While writing is definitely something I enjoy to do, I never valued the time it needs in order to truly put down something powerful on paper or a digital format. For me writing was simply a way to express the way I felt about a particular situation or to serve as an opinion to a recent event. I never appreciate the life it could breath into something, the legs it could take if written correctly, and the visibility it could bring positively or negatively my way based on the audience that viewed it. What I really took for granted is how I had a talent for writing and allowed the fear of being “exposed” as such to hold me back from putting my writing out on display. I never try to look back but in this instance I know that by not taking the reigns and “blogging” early in my youth put me 10–15 years behind the true heavy hitters in this game today.

While some writers have more polish or sophistication than me, I find that sheer volume sometimes can be a differential when it comes to blogging. Because we live in such a fast-paced world it will take talent and mind-gripping stuff to capture people’s attention. At the same time, you could deliver a Pulitzer Prize winning post and it could never be seen. Why is that you ask?

  1. You are an unknown: Blogging, like so many other things today is no longer an unknown sport. It is a way of life for most people in the business world, corporations, and entrepreneurs. So if you aren’t pounding the blogosphere with your content then you are going to swallowed up by the busy traffic. Most importantly you will have a hard time making a BIG IMPACT because you aren’t holding anyone’s attention.
  2. Your message isn’t consistent: While most bloggers tackle different topics, especially those that are “top-of-mind” relevance and controversial, if you aren’t delivering a consistent message in your blogs then readers will get bored, lost, or even un-interested and move to someone else.
  3. You aren’t promoting your blog enough: With the dominance of social media, your blog site should be pinged on every one of your social media channels. Understand that by doing this you are leveraging mass media to try and reach a mass audience. This is where your talents need to meet you grind and flat out wear out these avenues to drive traffic to your blog site.

The common thing; well, two things I hear from a lot of people is that they (1) Don’t have enough time and (2) Don’t like to write. Are you serious? I simply look at them and say GET WITH THE TIMES. Who has time today if they are pushing to heights of success they’ve only ever dreamed of achieving? The, “I hate to write” excuse is just flat out stupid. I hate working but guess what, I suck it up and grind it out because I have a greater sense of responsibility than to give some petty excuse like that one. What you are noticing is that companies, businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike are looking for a unique qualifier or differential that could separate them from their competitors or elevate them above their colleagues. If you don’t think this is happening every day then you are literally out of touch with the world as we know it today. That is why the majority of the websites you go to today will have a BLOG page to act as another resource tool to help engage today’s marketplace.

It’s easy to start and while there are numerous of sites you could use for blogging I will highlight three of my favorites (1) LinkedIn, (2), and (3) Wordpress.

  1. LinkedIn: The professional social medium is a great place to begin blogging as you can create a blog post that can immediately be shared to your entire connection network on the social medium as well as to Twitter and Facebook. What I like the most about LinkedIn is that decision makers, influencers, and qualified end users consistently navigate the platform and you never know who could “LIKE” a particular blog you post to the site.
  2. This is another FREE platform that offers simply and easy-to-use tools to create, write, and share a blog post. What I like about this platform is that you can leverage your already built in social media networks to grow a follow base and audience foundation. My favorite feature is that you can choose to elevate certain blog posts to be your “FEATURED” post that people will see first when visiting your page.
  3. Wordpress: Just about everyone I know has a website, works for someone with a website, or aspires to have a website. Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms to use when building websites and offers very simple and professional blog sites that also include tutorials and professional settings to help your blog site stand out.

If you are still sitting around thinking about blogging, it’s time to stop thinking and start writing. Those that keep taking swings in the marketplace and build content caches for delivery to an ever changing and fast-moving economy will be able to boast a better batting average than those who refuse to make the excuses of why not to. Understand in the blogging game it’s simply, Deliver value, deliver content, but keep delivering opportunities for your swings to connect to the audience that you are looking to reach. Those swings will only happen when you get off the bench and step up to the plate.

About Matt Crane: Matt is a Millennial Power Player, Public Speaker, and host of the #MattSnap show on Periscope, Blab, and soon to launch on ITunes and Stitcher. Matt believes your personality will lead you to conversations you want while your character will keep you in conversations you need. Matt has been in Corporate Sales and Business Development for the better part of 12 years and he brings a unique skill set to connect people to their PURPOSE and help them drive their business to their WHY. Make sure you follow Matt on ALL social media platforms @iammattcrane and by visiting his website For info on how to book Matt to speak email