The Million Dollar TakeAway: My 5 minutes with Gary Vaynerchuk

On Feb 23rd Gary Vaynerchuk embarked on one of the most ambitious LIVE STREAM events that I have personally ever witnessed. He titled it the “SUPER 8” and it was one of the most ingenious Pre-Order book sale I have ever been a part of. I recently discovered #AskGaryVee this year and, to be honest, feel really embarrassed by that because he is one of the most successful and sought after brand builders in the entire universe, not to mention the CEO of a multi-million dollar brand himself. During today’s live stream event everyone that purchased a minimum of 8 books had the opportunity to request to go live on air with Gary, be entered into a raffle to win a coaching session with him, and chances to win random gifts that Gary Vee handed out. I was one of the lucky ones who was picked out of the thousands of participants from Facebook Live, Meerkat, Periscope, Anchor, Instagram, Twitter, and Spreecast to go on air with the man himself.

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