Fix Your Car, People!

My car had been doing this amazing thing where it would shake and stutter when I brake. People have teased me and called it a death machine waiting to happen and asking me of course why I haven’t gotten my brakes checked out and fixed. To be fair, as an up and coming 22 year old billionare who’s currently making an entry level salary, it’s not one of my priorities. So it takes a little longer for me to come to a stop. Big deal. I’ll just brake earlier right?

“Well…”, I argue back to so-and-so…

“I’m just lazy and it’s expensive”

The thing is, as humans, you and I both know we are inherently lazy. And thinking about the cost of pumping several hundred dollars in getting your brake checked out is probably as exciting as pumping gas into your gas guzzler on a weekly basis. There’s no joy in it. No delicious ice cream topping, No roller coaster with twists and turn, and no educational investment that you can use to change your outlook on life forever.

Anyway, the reality is I had put it off for several weeks. But this past saturday, I felt inclined to get it done. You ever get that nagging feeling that you just need to finish something today? Well it was my brakes today and I was sure as hell glad I did it.

I finally pulled up, paid (unhappily), wallet empty, and rushed out several hours later with my tail between my legs from the auto mechanic.

And then it happened.

As I rushed to my dinner event in LA in 40mph traffic, a dilapidated van slammed into the hyundai to the left of me in the carpool lane. The van proceeded to swerve into my lane after hitting it full on.

Immediately, I slammed the brakes as hard as I could and barely stopped in time before all our vehicles came to a complete stop.

Instinctively, I hit the hazard button and then let the shock began settling in. With 3 other passengers in my car, we were stunned in silence. It was this moment where I thanked myself over and over for finally getting it fixed. I would have put myself and my friends in harm. All over a couple hundred dollars — that could potentially have been thousands.

While my life isn’t exciting, it does have its moments that get me to think about what to cherish and where to procrastinate and be lazy.

Fix the things that should matter. Fix the car, fix the house, and most importantly, fix yourself up. Here is where the cheesy, metaphorical part comes in. Drive forward, but know when to slow down and spend time and money on yourself. Fix what needs to be fixed, maintained, or cleaned. It wasn’t me in that hyundai today, but it still may have been me that slammed into the van.

On a related thought,

We all talk about staying positive, investing in real estate, investing in yourself and blah buh blah buh blah. Let’s talk about investing in the things that keep you together, but may not seem so urgent. Maybe it’s that dance class that keeps you smiling everyday or that birthday cake to your bestest friend in the whole world.

I don’t know what else indirectly affects normalcy of my daily life right now, but I’m opening up my blind eye to the less obvious from here on out. I’ve definitely learned my lesson and paid to see it potentially happen.

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