After I Left This Hall

At the moment you started to ignore me.
I realized that I’m not the one you asked for.
At the moment you were trying hard to smile to me.
I was trying my best to forget what happened before.

You know it is not my decision to get on this way.
Cause we both know it is difficult to get rid of this feeling.
And I’m just a normal person who don’t like to say “no way”.
And now we know that we’re trapped in this stupid thing.

You might don’t know this one thing.
I was trying to never say yes in the first place.
But as I can’t stop things from happening.
I can’t stop chasing your heart like we are in the race.

I really want to tell you this.
But to do so I really need a bliss.
Cause I’m really scared that you’re the one I’m gonna miss.
Cause I know someday you will leave my arms and go to his.

Babe, I know it is stupid to tell you these all.
But you’re the one I really want after all.
And I put photos of you up on my wall.
So I won’t forget you even after I left this hall.